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Bryan Young is a podcaster, journalist, filmmaker, and author. As a journalist, he writes regularly for StarWars.Com, Syfy, /Film, and HowStuffWorks, among others. He's also the founding editor and former editor-in-chief of the geek news site Big Shiny Robot!  

As a filmmaker, he's written and directed features, short films, commercials, and any other sort of video you can imagine. Most notably, who produced two award winning documentary feature films, This Divided State (2005) and Killer at Large (2008), which he also co-wrote.  

As an author, he's written a plethora of fiction and non-fiction. His first published work was co-scripting the comic book Pirate Club for Slave Labor Graphics and a Gamma Rae story for Image Comics.

Shortly after that, he self-published his first novel, the bestselling and critically acclaimed comedy Lost at the Con, about a drunken political journalist assigned to cover a sci-fi convention against his will.

After that, he released three novels with Silence in the Library publishing: the sci-fi pulp adventure Operation Montauk, the sci-fi western The Serpent's Head, and the steampunk tale of World War I The Aeronaut. They also published his non-fiction book A Children's Illustrated History of Presidential Assassination.

He is currently hard at work in the Robotech universe, co-writing the new roleplaying game, which includes two short stories in that universe.

As a podcaster, he hosts two shows. Full of Sith is one of the highest rated podcasts covering the world of Star Wars in fandom and Fauxthentic History takes the fictional history of our favorite geeky stories and pretends it's real.

You can subscribe to his short stories on Patreon.

He is represented by Lane Heymont at The Tobias Literary Agency. 





Operation: Montauk is a time-traveling science fiction novel patterned after the pulp-adventure stories of the 1920s and 1930s. 

Lost in time after a failed attempt to kill Hitler before his rise to power, World War II soldier Cpl. Jack Mallory finds himself stranded, his whole team killed, nearly 100 Million years off course. Together with a group of other wayward time travelers, Mallory has to fight to survive in a hostile environment swarming with dinosaurs. Desperate to find a way home, the community of lost travelers searches for any solution that might send them all home and unlock the secret that shipwrecked them on the shores of time...

But the jungle holds a secret from Mallory's future-past... 
...and it's out to kill them all!

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The Aeronaut is a tense story, full of action, espionage, and romance, set in an alternate version of World War I. Computational machinery has allowed both sides to make great technological leaps that have made trench warfare even deadlier for the soldiers at the front.

Some men go to war to defend their homeland or to prove something to themselves but Robert Preston has fled America and joined the French Army to escape heartbreak. He's placed in the 5th Aeronautic Corps, an elite unit of the French Army that specializes in jumping over trenches by means of jet packs. It's a dangerous job with a low survival rate, but Preston is determined to make a difference.

Along the way, he meets a man he'd call his best friend and a woman he'd call the love of his life, but a top secret mission behind enemy lines and a heart full of jealousy threatens to tear the three of them apart forever.

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Lost at the Con tells the tale of a drunken political journalist and his dangerous assignment to a science fiction and fantasy convention. Though he'd rather be at home drinking his liver to death, his spiteful editor delivers an ultimatum: take the assignment or lose the steady paycheck. Since Cobb can't afford to turn down the job, he heads to Atlanta and dives head first into the realm of Griffin*Con, renowned the world over as the Mardis Gras of geek conventions. There, he finds all of the science fiction, fantasy, and cosplay he would expect, but he also finds something more sinister: a seedy underbelly of geeky debauchery, slash fiction, booze, sex, and drugs. Can he make it through this assignment without snapping and winding up on the front page himself? Or will the entire experience change him in ways he never imagined possible? It's been called "A masterful blend of fictional Gonzo journalism and geek culture that is sure to please audiences inside and outside the geek community."

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The man called Twelve is a hired gun, taking his laser pistol from planet to planet, hiring his services out to the highest bidder. He finds himself on Glycon-Prime, a new colony at the edge of space. On the hunt for work, Twelve blows into a small, frontier town only to find a massacre. The only survivors? A trio of young children, devastated by the murder of their families and hellbent on hiring the gunslinger to help them get revenge on the leader of the vicious mutants responsible, the man known only as "The Serpent's Head."

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Collected for the first time, these short works by famed author BRYAN YOUNG take place across the far reaches of the galaxy. This cross section of works document what rebels, bounty hunters, smugglers, journalists, spacers, and colonists might find in the far reaches of space... 

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Over the course of American history, there have been only four presidents who have been forced to sacrifice their lives for their country at the hands of an assassin. These great men have not been forgotten, and their stories are told here in fascinating detail for history lovers of all ages. But those four presidents are not the only ones who have been close to death in the line of duty to the American people. This book, A Children’s Illustrated History of Presidential Assassination, delves into all of the major assassination attempts throughout the history of the United States, in vivid detail, illustrated by Erin Kubinek.

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