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IN THE LAST JEDI, REY’S JOURNEY IN THE MIRROR CAVE ECHOES A STAR WARS CYCLE – Rey's experience connects to --and diverges from -- experiences had by both Anakin and Luke Skywalker. (Link)

CREATING A GALAXY – Making Tauntauns for The Empire Strikes Back. (Link)


THE CINEMA BEHIND STAR WARS: PATHS OF GLORY – How Stanley Kubrick's 1957 film influenced a Galaxy Far, Far Away... (Link)

THE PLAYLIST: THE BALANCE OF THE FORCE – Everything in the Star Wars canon that will help you understand the mysteries of the balance of the Force. (Link)

STAR WARS AT SALT LAKE COMIC CON – Mark Hamill and more come to Salt Lake. (Link)

Samples from the print-only Star Wars Insider magazine are availble upon request.


HowStuffWorks is an award-winning source of unbiased, reliable, easy-to-understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works.

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WERE THE FLINTSTONES NEANDERTHALS? – We answer this pressing question in the most scientific way possible. (Link)

THE CAST OF THE LAST JEDI REMEMBER CARRIE FISHER – Carrie Fisher passed away before the release of her final Star Wars movie, the cast and crew reflect on her career. (Link)

WHY THANOS GETTING THE INFINITY GAUNTLET IS REALLY BAD – Life on Earth-616 could be destroyed completely. (Link)

FIVE TIMES MOVIES REPLACED DIRECTORS AND CRUSHED IT – Did you know Gone With the Wind went through three different directors and was still successful? (Link)

RIDICULOUS HISTORY: WHEN ARMIES FOOLED THE NAZIS WITH A GHOST ARMY – Truth is stranger than fiction in this tale from World War II. (Link)

HOW BARBIE'S BOYFRIEND KEN BECAME AN ACCIDENTAL GAY ICON - This one needs to be read to be believed. And it's all true. (Link)


The online home of the Syfy television station. A home for geek news across TV, film, books, comics, games, and tech.

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HOW THE LAST JEDI GOT LUKE SKYWALKER RIGHT – Given what we know of Luke from previous films, his turn in The Last Jedi was inevitable. (Link)

JAR JAR BINKS IS SECRETLY ONE OF STAR WARS' MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERS – It's true. The lowliest of creatures can also be the most important. (Link)

HOW STAR WARS REBELS EXPLAINS THE LAST JEDI'S FORCE CANON – What can we learn about the Force in The Last Jedi from the last few years of the television show? (Link)

STAR WARS WEEKLY – A weekly column rounding up the week's Star Wars news. (Link)

Huffington Post

The HuffPost is an American news and opinion website and blog.

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AN INTERVIEW WITH GEORGE LUCAS - The iconic film director talks about his career and future in film. (Link)

AN INTERVIEW WITH SCOTT SNYDER AND JOHN ROMITA, JR. – The minds behind All Star Batman talk with the author. (Link)

AN INTERVIEW WITH WEIRD AL – The parody music icon talks about his guest stint editing MAD Magazine. (Link)

KURT VONNEGUT IS IN HEAVEN NOW - An obituary of one of the world's greatest writers. (Link)

AN INTERVIEW WITH JONATHAN FRAKES – Star Trek's WIlliam Riker talks about his career. (Link)

AN INTERVIEW WITH KEVIN SMITH AND RALPH GARMAN – These writers tackle Batman together and they're here to talk about it. (Link)

WHAT BATMAN CAN TEACH CONSERVATIVES –  An editorial about the intersection between politics and comic books. (Link)



Founded by Peter Sciretta, /Film is one of the destinations for online film discourse.

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THE MOVIES THAT MADE STAR WARS: RASHOMON– What Star Wars: The Last Jedi Borrows from Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon. (Link)

THE MOVIES THAT MADE STAR WARS: 21-87 – How a Canadian Short Film Inspired George Lucas to Make Star Wars. (Link)


The print alt-weekly for the Salt Lake City area.

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EMPEROR TRUMPATINE – How the Star Wars prequels warned us about the rise Donald Trump. (Link)

A STRANGE PRIMER – Getting to know Dr. Strange in advance of his new film. (Link)

POP POLITICS – How the geek culture of Utah seems at odds with the predominant politics. (Link)

SHATNER'S WORLD - An interview with William Shatner. (Link)

SEPARATE AND UNEQUAL – We shouldn't settle for the way pop-culture properties treat female characters. (Link)

LANDO ZION – An interview with Star Wars actor Billy Dee Williams. (Link)

STAR WARS VS. STAR TREK – Negotiating a truce between the world's two biggest sci-fi franchises. (Link)

AN AMERICAN GEEK IN PARIS - Geek culture in the City of Light. (Link)


Founded by Bryan Young and Lucas Ackley, Big Shiny Robot is the online source for geek news and reviews.

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REVIEW: READY PLAYER ONE– A film review. (Link)

AN INTERVIEW WITH COMICS LEGEND WALTER SIMONSON – The artist talks about his adaptation of Alien, and his career as an artist on Thor and Star Wars. (Link

AN INTERVIEW WITH SETH GREEN AND MATTHEW SENREICH – The creators of Robot Chicken talk about development of their Star Wars show. (Link)

STAR WARS REBELS TWIN SUNS REVIEW – A review of one of the best episodes of the series. (Link

STAR WARS DAY AT SEA – A report from the Disney Cruise Line about their Star Wars day. (Link)

TWENTY YEARS OF THE STAR WARS SPECIAL EDITIONS – A personal journey through history. (Link

TEN YEARS OF ATTACK OF THE CLONES – A personal memoir of the release of Attack of the Clones. (Link

Full of Sith

Bryan Young is the co-host of this Star Wars podcast, dedicated to having the best conversations and analysis in Star Wars. 


SPECIAL RELEASE: ROGER EBERT– After the passing of Roger Ebert, Bryan broke down the legendary critic's contributions to Star Wars. (Link)

HOW THE PRESS WORKS – Bryan and fellow co-hosts break down the fake news machine and offer suggestions on how to not get duped by fake Star Wars news. (Link)

STAR WARS INSPIRATIONS: THE SEARCHERS - Bryan breaks down the influence John Ford's The Searchers had on Star Wars. (Link)

AN INTERVIEW WITH DAVE FILONI – Dave Filoni, supervising director at Lucasfilm Animation, talks with Bryan about the end of Star Wars Rebels. (Link)

THE LAST JEDI RED CARPET REPORT - Bryan gives his first reactions after seeing The Last Jedi and a report from the red carpet. (Link)

THE STAR WARS MUSIC INTERVIEWS - Bryan interviews the composers of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures and Star Wars: Battlefront. (Link)

THE FANDOM MENACE - A discussion on toxicity in Star Wars fandom. (Link)

Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games is one of the largest publishers of board games in the United States and operate the license for Star Wars board games, among many others. 

THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE - Running games where your players might want to make the ultimate sacrifice. (Link)

WE'RE GOING IN FULL THROTTLE – Bryan wrote about how you would combine the Star Wars RPG and the X-Wing miniatures game.  (Link)

MAKING CHARACTERS MEMORABLE –How do you make characters in your campaigns more memorable? (Link)

LETTERS FROM LONDON - A look at Letters From Whitechapel, a game about the Jack the Ripper killings.  (Link)



CARRIE FISHER INTERVIEW - As part of Salt Lake Comic Con, Bryan interviewed Carrie Fisher on stage. (Video)

STUFF YOU MISSED IN HISTORY CLASS – Bryan was a guest on the first live show of the popular podcast to discuss his book, A Children's Illustrated History of Presidential Assassination. (Part 1, Part 2)

STUFF YOU MISSED IN HISTORY CLASS – Bryan wrote and guest-hosted this episode of the popular podcast. This episode was about the film history of Salt Lake City. (Link)

FAUXTHENTIC HISTORY - The Legend of Zelda. (Link)

STAR WARS EXPLAINED – Did Kylo Ren secretly save his mother from an assassination attempt? This was a special collaboration with the Star Wars Explained YouTube channel(Video)

JOHN RHYS-DAVIES INTERVIEW - Conducted at Dragon Con, Bryan talked with the Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings star. (Video)

IN DEFENCE OF JAR JAR BINKS - This was a special guest piece for the UK based nerd site Den of Geek. (Link)

FAUXTHENTIC HISTORY - Robotech - The Battle of Toronto. (Link)